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      Hanna has written, produced and directed (and in some cases, designed) 5 short films, 4 of which have been released at festivals or on television. These films have garnered a total of 16 nominations and 2 awards at festivals around the world. Each is an excercise in a different genre or story-telling technique, but all of them are generally of a psychological nature. For a complete list of films and information, see filmography. For more detailed information on released films, please click on links below:


"Night Conversations"

31 minute documentary, DV, Opus Film for Channel 2 Polish National Television
Winner of "Audience Choice" at Red Wasp Film Festival, 4 nominations at other festivals


"My Name is Peter..."

15 minute documentary, DV, PWSFTViT
2 nominations at festivals, featured several times on "Kino Polski" cable TV channel in Poland during 2006



15 minute narrative, 35mm, PWSFTViT
1 nomination at festival


"That Sleepless Night"

10 minute narrative, 35 mm, PWSFTViT
"Best of Festival, Mediawave, Hungary, 8 nominations at festivals in Europe and U.S.

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