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That Sleepless Night (2000)

10 minutes fiction film with no dialogue, shot in color on 35 mm film, 1:85 format
A production of the Polish Film, Television and Theater School
© PWSFTV i T 2000

- 1 of 10 nominees of The Director’s Cut, New York, July 2005
- Best of Mediawave 15th Anniversary Selection, Gyor, Hungary, 2005
- Woodstock Film Festival, September 2000.
- Milan International Film Festival, October 2000.
- Cine Jove, Festival of Young Cinema, Valencia, Spain, June 2001.
- Alternativa, International Festival of Independent Film,
Barcelona, Spain, November 2001.
- Mediawave, Gyor, Hungary, April 2002.
- Downstream Film Festival, GA., U.S.A. July 2002.
Also screened as part of entertainment program at MacMurdo Base on the Ross
Ice Shelf in Antarctica, November 2001


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