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Films Written and Directed by Hanna Sawka

Night Conversations (Rozmawiamy 20:06-05:17)
31 minutes, documentary, DV, color. © Opus Films 2003.
Language: Polish, English subtitles.

A portrait of a city as seen through the eyes of two nighttime taxi drivers.
Awarded “Audience Choice” at the 2006 Red Wasp Film Festival, Bryant, Texas, USA

- Leipzig International Documentary Festival, International Panorama, Oct. 2003
- Corto Imola Film Festival, Imola, Italy, December 2003
- Durango International Film Festival, March 2004
- Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA., April 2005

My Name is Peter...
(Jestem Piotrek)
14 minutes, documentary, DV, black and white. © PWSFTviT 2002.
Language: Polish, English subtitles.

One day, as seen through the eyes of a little boy growing up on a farm in rural Poland.

- GoEast, Wiesbaden, Germany, April 2002.
- Downstream Film Festival, GA., U.S.A., July 2002
Undercurrent (Nurt)
14 minutes, fiction, 35 mm., color. © PWSFTViT 2001.
Language: Polish, English subtitles.
Dagmara, a successful architect, is trying to shake off her past and build a new life. A new possibility appears with a date proposal.
- Red Wasp Film Festival, Bryant, Texas, 2006

Mercedes: First Class Pleasure
30 seconds, 35mm., color, sponsored by Kodak for the Year 2000 Kodak Student Commercial Contest in Poland.
A tongue and cheek ad for the Mercedes “A” Series.

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