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"The Carcass" by Richard Corozine, directing by Hanna Sawka, set design by Jan Sawka, opened December 2, 2002 at the STU Krakow Municipal Theater, Krakow, Poland

Act 1: The wealthy family's car just broke down in a ghetto. Fear mounts into growing hysteria.



Act 2: The car's transformation begins as the strippers salvage valuable parts

Act 3: The car becomes a shelter for a wandering family of a homeless Veteran


Director’s Statement:

This play is a critical look at the racial and class stratification of American society that includes topics such as the American love affair with the car, the civil rights movement, baseball, neglected Vietnam vets, and the crisis of the American family. The “main character” is a car, which goes from being a beloved trophy, to a valuable source of car parts for illegal sale, then finally to a shelter for a homeless family, veritable nomads of the urban night. Each act is like a mini-play, where completely different types of dramas and tensions unfold between the characters, none of who ever meet the characters from the other acts (how appropriate in this look at a fragmented society).



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